Pre UCI World Championship 2017 Bicycle Tour 

Special edition one week in front of 2017 UCI Road World Championships in Bergen,

Norway, of Sept.2017.


Join us to explore the signature bicycle ride with Bike the Fjords, where we travel right through the lovely landscape in the heart of Fjord Norway. This 5-day tour offers the unique opportunity to combine the highlights in the city of Bergen and to bicycle along the beautiful Hardanger Fjord, with its rural, vast scenery of intense green hillsides, waterfalls, glaciers and mountains beyond.

In this special edition, starting the of Sept. – of Sept., we are doing this tour in the opposite direction, to assure you to be able to experience the city of Bergen during the event of 2017 UCI Road World Championships 16.-24.of Sept. as a spectator.

Our tour therefore starts the of Sept. 2017 from Voss, a lovely small town between mountains and lakes. The next five days you will feel the freshness of the many waterfalls we are passing, on winding and narrow, curvy roads which makes the bicycling exciting. When we are approaching the Hardangerfjord area, the landscape widens, with lush fruit gardens where we pedal among loads of ripe apples, pears and cherries close to the road.

Please read further below for information about the day-by-day route and itinerary.

Photo: Bergen2017/Tom Gulbrandsen

On our tour we stay at memorable hotels that all are members of The Historical Hotels & Restaurants. These hotels are all unique in their own way, offering excellent food and accommodation along the route. Our bike guides will make sure that you are staying on the right track and ensure you are having the best possible experience. Your luggage will be transported to your next hotel by our service car /support vehicle, which also will offer assistance to the group if needed. 

  • Dates: 17-24th of Sept. 2017
  • Four days biking, then you spend the next three days watching the 2017 UCI Road World Championships in Bergen.
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  • Price with guide from: 
  • 19.900 NOK
  • Addition for single rooms from: 
  • 5500 NOK per person
This tour includes:
  • 7 night`s accommodation
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 4 dinners (3 – course meals, beverages not included)
  • 1 lunch (at the Olympier Skjelbreid Poirèe Lounge)
  • Bicycle hire, helmet and bike lock
  • Luggage transport
  • Support vehicle along the route, energy bars and water bottles
  • All ferry tickets
  • Photo: Tom Gulbrandsen / Bergen2017

Day-by-day route and itinerary

  • Day 1: Sunday of Sept. Welcome to Voss!

  • We meet by 17.00h/ 5.p.m. for a warm welcome at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant in Voss, which is a most special hotel in agricultural surroundings in the outskirts of Voss centre. All rooms are uniquely designed and are brand new renovated. Check –in time at the hotel is between 4 p.m – 5.p.m. or after the welcome meeting.

  • We get together with the guides, the service car driver and the rest of the group who will join us on our tour. A glass of wine or mineral water and some Norwegian “tapas” will be served. Information regarding the forthcoming tour will be given, and written information, itineraries and schedules are handed out. We will also have a security talk. After the welcome gathering we will take a look at the bikes to adjust the equipment for you.
  • You can choose between three different bicycle types (all Scott Bikes): road bikes, touring bikes and E-bikes (E-bikes at an additional cost). You can read more about the bikes here. 
  • There will be possibilities to go for a short evening trip to test the bikes, where we head for the Mølstertunet open air museum nearby, with a wonderful view to the centre of Voss and the lakes and mountains beyond. Dinner will be served from 8 p.m.
  • Highlights: Transfer to Voss (nice scenery wherever you go)Voss Folk Museum Mølstertunet
  • Bicycling distance: 2 km (just to check the equipment)
  • Meals: Norwegian style Tapas, wine, mineral waterDinner
  • Accomodation: Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant
  • Day 2: Monday of Sept.

  • After a hearty breakfast at Store Ringheim we are ready to leave (at 9.30 a.m.) southwards heading for the Hardangerfjord. There will be a gentle grading climb at the start of our tour, mostly on bike paths. We will have a short stop at the top of Skjervesfossen waterfall, also admiring it from the base of it, where we will feel the refreshing spray of the waterfall close to the road. We will continue our descent through some hairpin bends towards Granvin, a charming little village where we will have a coffee break and possibilities to buy a snack. At Granvin we will also see the Hardanger Fjord for the first time, and we will be biking along the fjord side to Kvanndal, where we will be waiting for the ferryboat to carry us over to Utne, crossing the fjord.
  • Highlights: the scenery at Voss, agricultural countryside, mountains and lakes, Skjervesfossen waterfall, Granvin, a little village by the innermost part of the Hardangerfjord, Ferry crossing of the Hardangerfjord
  • Bicycling Distance: 40 km
  • Elevation gain: 270 m
  • Terrain: Mostly flat, a gentle gradual climb to start with, then downhill to the fjord, hilly with short climbs at the end 
  • Meals: Breakfast, dinner
  • Accomodation: Utne Hotel, with traditions back to A.D. 1722
  • Option: a walk on your own to visit Hardanger Folkemuseum, the local museum at Utne, or an afternoon bicycle trip along Sørfjorden towards Aga, another medieval museum
  • Day 3: Tuesday of Sept.

  • We will have a nice breakfast at Utne Hotel with its wonderful surroundings, and then head further southwards along he Hardangerfjord, passing little fruit farms and charming small communities like Lothe and Alsåker. At Herand we will have a short stop for an ice cream and a coffee in the tiny, cosy harbour, and we will possibly have a stop to look at some Bronze Age rock carvings along the route. We continue pedaling through the beautiful scenery towards Jondal, where there will be possibilities to buy a lunch meal on the quay, before entering the ferry boat to take us across to Tørvikbygd on the north west side of the Hardangerfjord. From here we pedal the last stretch to our next hotel, Hardingasete, which is indeed a very special and cosy guesthouse, hidden and peaceful, splendidly situated by the water.
  • Highligths: Fruitgardens (wherever you look), Picking cherries from your bicycle seatpost, Tiny cosy villages like Herand and Jondal, Ferry crossing to Tørvikbygd, Beer and cider tasting and a hot tube bath is waiting for you at Hardingasete.
  • Bicycling Distance: 43 km
  • Terrain: a mix of flat and hilly, two minor climbs
  • Meals: Breakfast, dinner
  • Accomodation: Hardingasete
  • Day 4: Wednesday of Sept.

  • From Hardingasete Hotel we continue the last part of the route along the fjord to Mundheim, where we head for a small climb as we are leaving the Hardangerfjord. Slghtly the landscape changes, the mountains come closer, and a couple of lakes come up as we are approaching Skjelbreid, where we will have a nice lunch (included in the price). This very special guesthouse is owned by the Olympic biathlon athletes Liv Grete Skjelbreid and Raphaël Poirèe, and is run also in cooperation with Liv`s sister Ann-Helen and her husband, two other eminent biathlon athletes. After admiring the wonderful view from this place, and all the Olympic & World Champion medals displayed in the hall, we continue pedaling downwards to another fjord and ferry crossing at Venjaneset. From Hatvik on the other side of the Fusafjord, there is a short distance of biking to our next grand hotel, Solstrand, which translated into English means “Sunny Beach”. Solstrand Hotel & Spa is wonderfully situated on the Bjørna Fjord, with its beautiful garden and luxury facilities like the spa and the pools. Make sure to relax and enjoy it all before dinner is served.
  • Highlights: Strandebarm, a cosy village, The change of scenery as we leave the Hardanger Fjord,  Lunch at Skjelbreid, Ferry ride across the Fusa Fjord, Arrival at Solstrand Hotel & Spa: look forward to that!
  • Bicycling distance: 63 km
  • Terrain: Mostly flat, a couple of climbs
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accomodation: Solstrand Hotel & Spa
  • Day 5: Thursday of Sept.

  • After a grand breakfast with a wide selection of typical Norwegian breakfast and lunch dishes, we will head for out final bicycling day from Os towards the centre of Bergen. We will have a short break in Os to have a look at a proud traditional wooden boat construction workshop, which is part of the  UNESCO`s World Heritage list. The next stop will be at Torldhaugen, the home of the world famous composer Edvard Grieg. Here there will be time to get a coffee and a snack in the café. We will also pause in the garden of Gamlehaugen, the Royal Residence of Bergen, before approaching the centre of Bergen. We will bicycle right into the heart of “the city between the seven mountains” to our final hotel, Bergen Børs, just in time enjoy the 2017 UCI Road World Championships for women and men, which are going on during the weekend
  • Highlights: a morning swim in the pools at Solstrand?, Os Wooden boat construction workshop, UNESCO-listed, Troldhaugen, home of the great Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, Gamlehaugen, the Royal residence,
  • Bergen by night the day before UCI Road World Championships is starting
  • Bicycling distance: 43 km
  • Terrain: mostly flat
  • Meals: Breakfast, dinner
  • Accomodation: Bergen Børs Hotel
  • Day 6-7: Thursday – Sunday 24 th of Sept.

  • Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage City, a European City of Culture and “The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway”. The City and region is proud to be hosting the UCI Road World Championships in 2017.
  • Highlights: September Junior Women Road Race and U23 Men Elite Road Race, 
  • September Junior Men Road Race and Women Elite Road Race
  • September Men Elite Road Race.

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Photo: Bergen2017/Tom Gulbrandsen

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik / Fjord Norway AS 

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/ Fjord Norway AS  

Photo: Bergen2017

Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life AS / Fjord Norway AS 

Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life AS / Fjord Norway AS

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik / Fjord Norway AS