Voss – Stalheim – Gudvangen –Nærøyfjorden - Flåm – Myrdal


This ride passes through the Nærøy Fjord area, one of the areas of the UNESCO world heritage list. Landmarks such as the beautiful Tvinde waterfall, the famous Stalheimskleiva, the Nærøy valley, and the Flåm railway are some of the attractions along the route. This trip includes a bike ride to Gudvangen, a ferry boat ride to Flåm and train back to the starting point at Voss. This trip last for 3 days and comprises two nights at hotel. Additional activities along the route, are the Viking Village exhibition in Gudvangen and tasting of local beer in Flåm. 

Photo: Katrin Moe / Fjord Norway AS


  • Day 1: Arrival – Welcome to Voss!

  • We meet in the afternoon for a warm welcome at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant. This is a most special hotel in agricultural surroundings in the outskirts of Voss centre, all the rooms are uniquely designed and brand new decorated. 
  • We get together with the crew and the rest of the group who will join us on our trip. A glass of a local beer or mineral water and some Norwegian “tapas” will be served. Information regarding the trip will be given and we will have a look at the bicycles to adjust the equipment for you.
  • You can choose between three different Scott bicycle types, read more about the bicycles here and please let us know when you have made your choice. 
  • There will be possibilities to go for a short evening trip to test the bikes, where we head for the Mølstertunet open air museum nearby, with a wonderful view to the centre of Voss and the lakes and mountains beyond. Three course dinner is included, and will be served at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant in the evening.
  • Highlights: Voss, Mølstertunet Folk Museum, 
  • Bicycle distance: 2km (just to check the equipment)
  • Meals: Norwegian “tapas”, 3 course dinner
  • Accomodation: Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant 


  • Day 2: Biking down Stalheimskleiva hairpin road towards Nærøyfjorden and the Viking Village!

  • After a lovely breakfast at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant we head towards Tvindefossen to admire the beautiful waterfall. On our way we will pass several lakes and small farm yards. This day we will bicycle both on smaller, less trafficated side roads and also we will be escorted by a support vehicle on the more busy stretches. From Tvindefossen we continue towards Stalheim Hotel where we will enjoy lunch and also admire the stunning view from the hotel garden. We will then bicycle down the famous Stalheimskleiva hairpin road and continuing down the Nærøy valley, along the beautiful river towards Gudvangen where we will be accommodated at Gudvangen Fjordtell. 
  • Highlights: Tvindefossen waterfall, Stalheim, Stalheimskleiva hairpin road, Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen waterfalls, Nærøy valley, Gudvangen, The Viking Village, Nærøyfjorden
  • Bicycle distance: 43km 
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner
  • Accomodation: Gudvangen Fjordtell 


  • Day 3: Ferry boat trip on The Nærøy Fjord towards Flåm and a ride on the famous Flåm Railway

  • After an early Viking breakfast in Gudvangen Fjordtell we go by foot on board the ferry boat which takes us on the famous Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord towards Flåm. There will be time for sightseeing and possibilities for lunch in Flåm before we enter the Flåm railway line. Change of trains at Myrdal, where we will travel through a long tunnel and get off the train on a very local stop called Ljosanbotn. From here bicycling starts again in the afternoon down the Raundalen valley towards Voss. Possibilities for a very refreshing swim in the “Keep Smiling” river, before continuing bicycling to Voss. 
  • Highlights: Nærøyfjorden, Sognefjorden, Aurlandsfjorden, Flåm
  • Bicycle distance: 36km
  • Meals: Breakfast


Our trip ends in the centre of Voss late in the afternoon. Possibilities to add on accommodation at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant on request. 
Alternative: transfer to Oslo or Bergen by train on your own.


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Tvindefossen waterfall


The view from Stalheim Hotel


Photo: Gjertrud Coutinho / Fjord Norway AS


A swim in the “Keep Smiling River”